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Novaetech S.r.l. is the first Spin-off Company of the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). Novaetech is a company that provides goods and services in R&D and advanced technologies fields.

Novaetech is aimed at research institutions and universities, private companies and public administration which, thanks to the continuous research and development of science and technology, provides products and services at the forefront.


Novaetech has been involved in several international projects in the fields of technology, aerospace and various fields of applied research

Novaetech S.r.l. in the start-up phase, collaborated in international space projects with public and private institutions as NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Thales, Galileo Avionica etc. In these cases Novaetech provided its expertise in the development of breadboards for dust and water detection in planetary environments (es. MEDUSA instrument for Mars explorations).

From Space to Earth

In these last years Novaetech extended its application fields by using developed  space sensors for innovative earth applications: environment, energy, microbiology, animal reproduction and human health. 

Scientific papers

R&D results have been patented and/or published in the most important scientific papers as Science.


Novaetech Srl
VAT: IT05132311217

Piazza Bartolo Longo 28,
Pompei (NA)

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    Novaetech Srl  
    VAT: IT05132311217
    Piazza Bartolo Longo, 28 –  80045 Pompei (NA), ITALY

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